The management of food allergies


Description Contents:


Allergy :

  - Definition,

  - Causes,

  - Development of allergy and symptoms,

  - Anaphylactic reaction and shock,

  - First aid,

The allergen :

  - Legislation,

  - Mandatory declaration,

  - Labelling,

  - Cross-allergy,

  - Allergy vs intolerance and celiac disease,

The PAI and its internal management,

Specific diets with simple and strict eviction,

Educational workshops.


Methods (e.g. lecture, presentation, working groups, ...):

- Alternating theoretical and practical contributions,

- Support in Powerpoint format,

- Discussions - Questions / answers.

Objective and Competencies to be acquired:

- Knowledge of food allergies and intolerances,

- Internal management of food allergies,

- Understanding the consequences for children if they eat the allergen,

- Understanding of IAPs,

- Differentiation of specific diets with simple and strict avoidance.

Target Audience:

Personnel éducatif + Personnel dirigeant


Sécurité et santé au travail



  • Sur demande
  • Petite enfance 0-4 ans
  • Enfants scolarisés 4-12 ans
  • Jeunesse +12 ans
  • English (UK)
  • CRL-284